Wildlife Management Memberships

Thanks for showing interest in memberships. 

Why should I join RIDGE and Glenfiddich?

With the implementation of the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program, rural producers are now way more focussed on the control of pest weeds, feral animals and the management of any visitors to their properties. This means a sharp increase in the obligations that recreational hunters and anglers must comply with if they want to access these private properties. Over the past 27 years, the RIDGE group has strived to develop a system which can “tick all the boxes” for both landholders and hunters. This system known as HuntEasy, has been developed and refined within the workings of the group known as Glenfiddich which is owned and managed by AWCA pl who has in turn, given exclusive access to this group  to RIDGE group members. This system encourages hunters to increase their skills in many areas, such as safety procedures, hunting techniques, venison handling, hygiene and biosecurity obligations as part of a safe and coordinated system.

What am I allowed to do for my money?
  • RIDGE members who join Glenfiddich, can attend as many organised hunting weekends as they wish throughout the year.
  • They can bring immediate non-hunting family members with them and add on family members as co-hunters at a reduced rate.
  • They can harvest up to 10 venison deer per year per hunter – subject to availability fees and expenses apply.
  • They can participate in group hunts locally and interstate – Open to level 3 hunters fees and expenses apply. 
How do I join?

All new members are required to visit a Glenfiddich managed property during one of the organised hunting programs to see if what we do suits them and for us to see how they will fit in. To speed this process up, AWCA is offering an introductory package for all potential members which includes:

      • One years family membership to RIDGE.
      • Three months membership to Glenfiddich
      • Permission to enter one of the properties for a weekend during a hunting program for up to 5 immediate family members. During the 3 month trial period you can come along once to a weekend as a NON-Hunter
      • A detailed induction into the system and property
      • Main evening camp oven meal provided
      • Inclusion within the weekends hunts as a NON-Hunter
      • Hunting and meat handling demonstrations.
      • The offer to extend your 3 month membership to a full membership status on completion of the weekend if both parties agree.
When you come along for your trial weekend – You will need to:
      • Provide your own transport to and from the property. 
      • Provide your own tent or swags, chairs and equipment. 
      • Bring your own basic snacks and personal supplies. 
      • Fill in forms to show an acceptance of the property rules. 
      • Fill in an online indemnity form which includes all participating family members. 
      • Fill in a Permission to enter form and ensure your vehicle is washed down free of pest weed seeds.
What will this introductory offer cost?

The cost of the weekend which includes a 12 month RIDGE family membership, main meals and tuition for one hunter and his/her family is $220. Those who have already joined RIDGE can attend under the same conditions for $165