Feral Animal Control

The need to control introduced and native wildlife and/or vegetation is a subject of high importance to most landholders. In some cases, severe control measures are required and prove highly effective however in most cases, especially with feral animals which have been educated by previous random or ill-advised control operations, a well planned and coordinated approach is required. “You catch more flies with sugar than with salt”. AWCA specialises in the development of Property Based Management Plans (PBMP’s) for individual properties, property clusters, peri-urban situations and even areas of cultural significance or high environmental value. Our PBMP systems, developed over decades of “hands-on” experience, allows specific targets to be set and monitored, any issue or improvement to a plan included, plus they allow for the success of the entire operation to be evaluated and regulated in a realistic and common sense manner. We specialise in the respectful and humane control of wild deer, pigs, dogs, fox and even macropods where required under regulation.