Refined over many years of practical experience with conclusive scientific information, our business is based on management systems and methodology created by myself and my team. These management systems utilise low impact species such as wild deer, to create a resource and generate income. This allows us to place focus on the high impact feral species which endanger native flora and fauna, directly affecting landholders livelihoods.

This unique blend of hunting and conservation can be highly successful and generates a wide range of adventures for recreational hunters as well as feral control solutions for landholders.

  • We can take you on a quest to hunt a free range trophy stag, bull or boar
  • Assist with the removal of wild dogs, pigs, fox, cat or deer impacting on your property.
  • We can take you to catch your first Barramundi, Sootie or Saratoga,
  • Give you the chance to photograph and view our incredible native wildlife

Our Aim

  • Offering landowners reliable and viable solutions to feral animal control with tested and proven methods directly created to remove the impact of these species.
  • Provide clients with tailor made hunting adventures creating lasting memories and a deep understanding and appreciation of the native lands and wildlife. ¬†Building memories in the bush and stories to share for a lifetime

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